Masonry Roller & Brush Set

An ideal all-in-one kit for painting outdoor surfaces with masonry paint. Includes a tough polyamide 9″ roller sleeve designed to tackle rougher surfaces, cage frame, paint tray and tough synthetic mix 4″ brush. Great for use with all masonry paints on outdoor surfaces such as brick or pebble dash.

  • Contains 9″ polyamide masonry sleeve, 9″ cage frame, 4″ masonry brush and 9″ deep ridge tray
  • Handy all-in-one kit for masonry painting jobs
  • Extra long pile tough polyamide sleeve easily tackles rough and uneven surfaces
  • Advanced woven fabric gives superb paint pick-up and lay-off, making for a smooth job
  • Hard wearing brush filaments designed specifically for use with masonry paint on all exterior surfaces
  • Strong 5 wire cage frame with comfort grip handle – keeps the sleeve on the frame securely
  • Compatible with a screw-fit extension pole
  • Sturdy paint tray with deep ridge roll-off area for better paint distribution – less wasted paint


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