9″ Short Pile Micropoly Sleeve

9″ Short pile roller sleeve designed for smooth and easy coverage on smoother surfaces such as recently plastered walls, plasterboard or lining paper. The enhanced micropoly mix gives optimal paint absorption, great lay-off and minimal spatter.

  • Short pile sleeve for very smooth surfaces
  • Ideal for use with emulsion, undercoat, and eggshell paints
  • Enhanced micropoly fabric gives optimum paint absorption and lay-off with minimal spatter
  • Fabric is heat fused to the core to prevent unwinding, even when soaked in water or solvent
  • 1¾” core for maximum paint pick-up with cage frames
  • As with all new sleeves, dampen the hand first and stroke sleeve to remove any excess, loose lint for the best finish
  • Clean in accordance with paint manufacturer’s instructions and stand on end to dry


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