7 Piece Roller & Brush Set

7 Piece Brush and Roller set contains micropoly roller sleeves, cage frame, fine-tipped paint brushes and a sturdy deep ridge roller tray. Medium pile roller sleeves provide even coverage on smooth to semi-smooth surfaces, such as pre-painted, freshly plastered or lined walls, whilst the high specification synthetic brushes provide for steady paint release with minimal brushmarks (tramlines).

  • Contains 9″ cage frame, 2 x 9″ micropoly emulsion sleeves, 9″ deep ridge tray, 2 x 2″ and 1 x 1″ synthetic fine-tipped brushes
  • High specification brushes with fine-tipped synthetic filaments for a smooth finish with minimal brush marks (tramlines)
  • Emulsion sleeves are enhanced micropoly fabric for optimum paint absorption and lay-off with minimal spatter
  • Strong 5 wire cage frame with comfort grip handle – keeps the sleeve on the frame securely
  • Cage frame compatible with a screw-fit extension pole
  • Sturdy paint tray with deep ridge roll-off area for better paint distribution – less wasted paint
  • As with all new sleeves, dampen the hand first and stroke sleeve to remove any excess, loose lint for the best finish


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