4″ Mini Gloss & Emulsion Roller Set

High quality jumbo mini gloss & emulsion roller set contains everything needed for painting smaller, awkward areas. Emulsion sleeves are designed for fast, even coverage and a fine finish with water-based paints whilst the gloss sleeves provide a smooth finish with oil-based paints .

  • Contains 2 x 4″ high density jumbo mini gloss sleeves, 2 x 4″ micropoly jumbo mini emulsion sleeves, 4″ frame & 7″ tray
  • Gloss sleeves are high quality polyester for smoother coverage with gloss paints
  • Emulsion sleeves are enhanced micropoly fabric for optimum paint absorption and lay-off with minimal spatter
  • Mini 4″ stick frame with short arm for awkward areas
  • Study 7″ roller tray with patterned roll off area


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